RSL’s AKB48 Complete Ranking (as of December 2, 2008): Part 4

Girls ranked 25-17

24. Matsubara Natsumi

Matsubara Natsumi

Natsumi has always been really pretty and nice, but never really appealed to me.  I’m not sure why either.  She doesn’t have all that much stage personality, so that may be the reason.  She’s definitely one of those ‘girl next door’ idols.

23. Miyazawa Sae

Miyazawa Sae

Sae has so much energy, it’s crazy.  When I first got into AKB48, I didn’t notice it, but now I definitely can see why just about everyone says so.  What I like about Sae is her ability to fit into everything.  She can be so powerful in one song, and then so happy and care-free in the next.  That’s a good skill for her to have.

22. Ohori Megumi

Ohori Megumi

Oh, Meetan.  She’s the newest star from Team K.  I’ve always loved how she’s been a break from the usual underage idols we usual get to see.  She’s (relatively) old, intelligent, and has been around the block a few times, different from many of her juniors.  Even better, she’s the sexy one.  With a debut single under her belt, she’s become an overnight AKB48 success.  And to think, it’s all from that one TV show with a usually inappropriate name.

21. Kitahara Rie

Kitahara Rie

I’ve been very impressed with Rie.  At first, I was really confused: she was added to Team A and I had never heard of her.  Now I can see that she’s a very competent idol who knows what’s going on.  She’s very easy to watch and an okay singer, so I can definitely see why she’s so popular.

20. Oshima Yuko

Oshima Yuko

Yuko is one of AKB48’s best singers, actors, and dancers.  Even though  she’s so great, I’ve never really been able to join the Yuko train.  We’ve never really clicked.  I respect her immensely and think she’s great, but I can’t really bring myself to fanboy her.

19. Minegishi Minami

Minegishi Minami

I actually used to like Miichan a ton more than I do currently, which is weird since you’d think she’d go up since Men Dol.  I like how zany and excitable she can be, but I also love her more serious performances.  She’s another versatile girl.

18. Oota Aika

Oota Aika

Rabutan is adorable, I don’t know what to say.  Ever since I first saw her in ‘Tenshi no Shippo,’ I have loved her.  She’s so cute and innocent, but at the same time she knows when it’s time to act mature.

17. Ono Erena

Ono Erena

Erena is the cutest girl on Team K.  Recently, I’ve been very impressed with her work, as she has improved tremendously on her idol skills.  Now she’s less cute and awkward.  Her energy on stage and during videos always surprises me.

One Response

  1. Yay! Somebody else who favors Lovetan over Mayu!!! I adore that kid, I almost had cavities from watching Tenshi no Shippo!

    And also, it’s great that you’re not a Yuko fan, that means… less competition for me! *ninja*

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