RSL’s AKB48 Complete Ranking (as of December 2, 2008): Part 5

Girls ranked 16-09.

16. Shinoda Mariko

Shinoda Mariko

Mariko has always been a fun one to watch.  She’s very versatile and I think she can do just about anything after she gets out of AKB48.  Her new-found popularity she’s gained from whatever TV show she co-hosts should help.

15. Kashiwagi Yuki

Kashiwagi Yuki

Kashiwagi is another one that shows promise.  She’s gets tons of promotion in the theater, but not much outside of it.  She has the best voice in Team B and is definitely one of the best in the group as a whole.  The thing I love about Yuki is how she is so good at being an idol.  She’s pretty happy on a regular basis, can sing and now can dance, and she has a few little quirks.  I’m glad that she didn’t get into Morning Musume because AKB48 is a better fit for her.

14. Tanabe Miku

Tanabe Miku

Miku is the best dancer out of all of AKB48.  Just watch B1 and see her come storming out front and center for Virgin Love.  Miku’s such an under-rated high-energy performer.  She’s been shafted quite a bit, so I hope she can get a bit more respect from the creative staff to give her more to do.  I’m interested in whatever they’ve got cooked up for B4 for her.

13. Masuda Yuka

Masuda Yuka

Yuka is Yuka.  There’s no other way to say it.  She has all the makings of a front girl, and remains one of the best performers in Team K.  She can sing like no other and in general is just great.  I love how much ambition she has; she’s one of those girls who I think I’d be okay with graduating because she would pursue a solo career… and make it.

12. Oshima Mai

Oshima Mai

Mai is a girl who you just can’t dislike.  She’s another perfect idol, too.  She has one of the most distinguishable voices in AKB48, and that’s a good thing.  Lately she’s been a bit better about attending shows, which is different than in the past.

11. Urano Kazumi

Urano Kazumi

CinDy!  I’m so glad that she got switched to Team B, because I’m sure she would have graduated by now if she were in Team A still.  I like how she’s the almost-official leader of Team B.  Over the years she’s perfected her singing while her dancing and performance skills are some of the best in AKB48.  If anyone should get an ‘AKB48 Lifetime Achievement Award,’ it should be CinDy.

10. Katayama Haruka

Katayama Haruka

I hate how this girl has gotten shafted recently.  I see nothing wrong with her at all.  In fact, I barely see anything average with her.  She’s just awesome.  I love her voice; it’s so mature and stable.  Her dancing has always been a forte with her.  Her on-stage personality is so lovable, too.  What’s wrong?  I have no clue.

09. Saeki Mika

Saeki Mika

I’ve loved Mika since  I saw that one AKB48 + 10 that featured her and a few other girls running around trying to talk to foreigners in English.  I then proclaimed that I would adopt her in a heartbeat.  My sister agreed.  Mika is so enthusiastic.  She’s not the best singer or dancer, but she gives everything her all, even when she’s been injured for a long time.

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  1. I don’t understand what’s up with shafting Haachan and Tanamin in favor of girls like Harugon and the now departed (and returned XD) Ayarin. It’s nothing personal against them, I just hate seeing how the least recognized girls in Team B are actually the most talented performers most of the time (yukirin being the exception)

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