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Saotome Miki… Natsuki’s #1 Fan now a Research Student / SEED/ Kenkyuusei?
January 27, 2009

I’m sure everyone has already heard about this…

Saotome Miki as a Research Student

This is way too confusing.

February B.L.T. C
January 27, 2009

February 2009 B.L.T. C


February B.L.T. A
January 26, 2009

January B.L.T. A


Shibuya AX 2009: Go Go Natsuki!
January 22, 2009

Natsuki pets Ohori... aww.

So, over the last four days AKB48 had their newly-annual second-ever Shibuya AX Top 100 Song Concert.  Last year’s concert was really planned-out, and had very obvious climaxes throughout the festivities.  This year was different.  Akimoto and friends seemed to actually take into account what the fans REALLY wanted.  This includes a Team B song, ‘Shounichi’ as the top song.  Also, only one song was performed as an entire group.  Impressive fan-service to say the least.

I’m also rather proud of myself for recognizing Natsuki’s voice in Saigo no Seifuku.  She’s in BOTH of the performances that they’ve had of the song… So she was kind of a selected member… Except not.

Anyway, on topic: Natsuki was all over.  She was in 30 songs… which is incredibly impressive, given her lack of popularity.  Go!  Natsuki! Go!

To summarize using Memolist’s notes:


URGENT NEWS: Natsuki continues to blow my mind.
January 15, 2009

December 12’s K4 show was a fun one to watch.  In short, some highlights include:

1. Noro Kayo uses a headset microphone the entire show while everyone else uses the normal handsets.

2. ‘Return Match’ was sung live again.

3. Oku Manami was gone, so her substitute were Uchida Mayumi in the Team songs and Sato Natsuki in ‘Hatsukoi Dorobou.’

4. Miyazawa Sae was also missing.  Tomita Mayu took her place in the Team songs while Akimoto Sayaka took it in ‘Gomen ne Jewel.’

5. Kuramochi Asuka wasn’t there.  She did not have a stand-in during the Team songs, but Umeda Ayaka was given her part in ‘Gomen ne Jewel’ and her solo line in ‘Shamu Neko.’

What is my favorite part of the above features of the show?  Nope, it wasn’t seeing Natsuki take the second position in ‘Hatsukoi Dorobou.’ almost allowing me to make a solo version of the song.It was Kuramochi Asuka’s absence.  Why?  Well, in the last song, ‘Sasae,’ all of the girls sing duet parts with another Team K member.  No fill-ins are used when girls are absent.  This allows some of the girls to get occasional solo lines… such as Natsuki.


AKB48 NHK Hall Shuffle Concert Review! (OR: RSL’s First Novel)
January 13, 2009

Sorry for not posting an interesting post in… forever. It’s just that there hasn’t been too much news on the Natsuki front. That being said. I’m doing my first proper super-long review! Prepared to be amazed/terrified/bored. I’m going all out on this one. Be warned: oodles and oodles of spoilers are ahead.


January 6, 2009

Natsuki’s LIBRO picture has been posted on Yahoo! Japan Auctions!  You know what that means: We get to see it!



Old News!?
January 5, 2009

Recently (today), I saw something intersting via a link to the Saeyaka Blog.  It looks like a while ago Noro Kayo and Akimoto Sayaka formed a rather quiet unit SA&KA.  The duo dubbed a cartoon called ‘Death Panda’.

Anyway, to be more on topic, Natsuki was one of the guest stars!  It looks like she voiced an animal in one of the episodes, the Guam Flying Fox, evidentally.

The episode she guested in: (Group: SA&KA + NA)

Credits go to Heiwa and Ange at the Saeyaka blog!

Sato Natsuki: Now Attainable in Keychain Form!
January 4, 2009

One of AKB48’s new items is the keychain.  Unlike normal keychains, though, this one is one of those laser-engraved… things.  It reminds me mostly of those prism-like cubes you can buy that have some sort of animal or logo on the inside.  Interesting?  Ugly?  That’s the question here.