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Let’s find some more pictures!
October 31, 2009

It seems as thought Natsuki’s wearing the dress she wore at NHK09 for ‘Boku no Taiyou’… hmm…

Some of Natsuki’s Calendar and Theater Photos!
October 30, 2009

Each girl gets seven pictures, one for each day of the week.  They decided to use the new Team costumes.  Eww.  Apparently the weekend pictures have normal clothes, though.  So at least 2/7 of them feature Natsuki in possibly attractive clothing.

Also, here are some mini-pictures of this month’s theater photos.

Natsuki is Utako.
October 27, 2009

More information has been unveiled about AKB48 KageKidan ‘Infinity.’  I definitely thought I’d have to wake up early Friday morning to check out what all happened in the first show, but it looks like we got a ton of information already.  This is super exciting for me!


One major piece of awesomeness that came out was the correlation diagram:

Correlation Diagram

And another is the list of songs they’re using… and who sings them!

Aitakatta    – all members
Yakusoku yo – all members

Saishuu Bell ga Naru – “staff”
Tomo Yo – “staff”
Mori e Ikou – “staff”

Renai Kinshi Jourei – Tanabe, Nakaya
Hone Hone Waltz – Tanabe, Nakaya
Ame no Doubutsuen – Sato N, Nakatsuka, and “staff”
Fushidara na Natsu – Sato N, Nakatsuka, and “staff”
Virgin Love – Yonezawa, Iwasa, and “staff”

109 – Takahashi and “passerby”
Leo no Kakumei – Takahashi
Naki Nagara Hohende – Takahashi
Kimi wa Pegasus – Akimoto
Blue Rose – Akimoto
MARIA – Akimoto
Hizukehenkousen – Akimoto and Takahashi

Finally, here are some extra pictures that have been found!

The Leads

Akimoto and Takahashi

This is just going to be amazing.  Sources and more information:

The Offical Site’s Thread

A Summer Festival Reviewed a Few Seasons Late…
October 26, 2009

Today I’ll be looking at the Natsumatsuri Hibiyayaon concert.  It’s a favorite of mine, so I don’t have all that many bad things to say about it.

Click the pictures for the review, or you can read it all below!


Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008!
October 23, 2009

In preparation for the next set of DVDs, I’ve decided to go through a few older concerts, this time it’s JCB Hall from December 21st, 2008.

Full-length text-only review below…


Natsuki Shots!
October 21, 2009

Some more pictures I’ve gathered of Natsuki… just to tide you over for my upcoming JCB review which MUST come out before the Budokan DVDs come out.  I might even try to get the Natsumatsuri Hibiyayaon review done before then since it’s so short.

Hikouki Gumo!
October 20, 2009

A few shots of Hikouki Gumo and one with N’s fellow cloth-waver Chikarina!






Natsuki in LOD Vision…
October 19, 2009

One capture of Natsuki from each LOD that I have access to, generally from her first MC… but sometimes not.  Anyway, enjoy!

Isn’t she lovely?

Natsuki’s down!
October 17, 2009

Natsuki has been listed as absent in quite a few shows lately.  Now, I’m assuming that some of them are for rehearsals for Musical Infinity that comes out at the end of this month, but it turns out that she has an injury pertaining to her thigh muscles!  I hope that she gets better soon and that this won’t conflict with any performances of Musical Infinity.

Get well soon!

Some older pictures and a few new ones, too!
October 13, 2009