Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008! » Oogoe Diamond

Essentially, with the AKB48 version they take a bunch of girls that aren’t featured in the single like Saeki, Nonti, and Asuka, and throw them into the mix. It adds much more of a concert-only feeling. On the topic of Nonti, please notice how she’s not holding a microphone. She had hurt her left hand during what I believe to be rehearsals for this concert. I remember watching LODs near this time period and we were perplexed as to why she was wearing a headset. I was thinking that maybe they wanted to try to have the girls do a few K4 songs without hand microphones and they were using Kayo to see which song(s) could be done with head sets, but alas, she had just hurt her hand.

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