Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008! » 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi

And Acchan’s A4 unit is shuffled to the Acchan of Team B, Mayuyu. One thing I love about this unit is that while it’s not a particularly wonderful nor memorable song, it has the prettiest, most addictive chorus. Now, ever since I became an AKB fan, I’ve never been a big fan of Mayu, but once I saw B1, I understood her so much better. She’s not an amazing singer, but she can dance pretty darn well. The thing that really works for her is how genuine she is: you know this this what she wants to do. One of my favorite AKB theories is my “Acchan Series,” which goes Acchan, Erena, Mayu, Fujie, Jurina, and I guess that KII girl that I’ve probably never watched perform. These are the five/six girls that were the first to perform the first near-solo song, ‘Nagisa no CHERRY’ and have been pushed by AKS. I’m not sure about the sixth girl, but I’ve been impressed with the generations starting at the third.

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