Let’s Keep on Reviewing! Onward to JCB Hall 2008! » Faint

A performance of the Hana song so quickly after she left? Wow. Remembering back to when this concert just happened, I really liked the selection of girls for the song. An unpopular one (Umeda/Nozofisu), a fairly popular one to lead (Miho/Itano), and one that is getting more popular quickly (Aki/Hana). Here, Umeda puts out an incredible performance with her usual great dancing and singing and Miho uses her youth to put this unit in a different league than that of Itano’s. I’m a little unsure of Aki in the song. Yes, her voice is somewhat similar to the original’s, but it lacks the same drive that Hana’s did here. I guess I’ll credit it to her new-ness to the AKB world, since she was new to Team A (I think she had just gotten in recently) and she wasn’t a research student all that long. And you know, they’re pushing her a lot lately.

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