I want to meet AND shuffle you! (First Concert Aitakatta) Part IA » 01. PARTY ga Hajimaru yo

01. PARTY ga Hajimaru yo

01. PARTY ga Hajimaru yo

perfectly fitting song to start AKB’s first concert, ‘PARTY ga Hajimaru yo.’ I love that they tried to get this pretty much as close to the original Stage version as possible, complete with a pair of very life-like pillars (They even have the mirrors!) standing on either side of the girls. Though they are obstructing the audience’s view, this just makes the opening even more lifelike, and when they’re shoved away, it almost causes reason for celebration as now the whole auditorium can see the girls perform without any distractions.

The opening set’s costumes are color-coded by Team with pink with blue accents for Team A and yellow with green accents for Team K. They somehow managed to mix the traditional colorful plaids with some sort of plastic/PVC fabric to add some flashiness. This was definitely before AKB realized that sparkles and rhinestones have the same effect without losing a costume’s breathability. I like how they actually match a lot of the current AKB’s aesthetics and pretty much pioneer the concept of having a variety of costumes that are similar, but very much different from one another. It really adds interest to what they’re wearing, and this way you can tell which girl is which from far away much easier.

I love that third chorus with the girls on the two platforms. This is one of those songs where the choreography was rehearsed a ton and it really shows here.

W’sN? I am very glad that Natsuki got to be in the front for so much of ‘PARTY.’ She’s especially adorable during the bridge when the girls all strike a pose. She naturally goes for her catch phrases ‘N’ hand position, but this time with her microphone in her left hand, as she’s currently performing, and that’s the hand it needs to be in.

00. Overture
02. Dear My Teacher

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