I want to meet AND shuffle you! (First Concert Aitakatta) Part IA » 03. Aitakatta

03. Aitakatta

03. Aitakatta

Now they perform their third single, and title song of the concert series, ‘Aitakatta.’ Here they depart their Stage version stagings and go into the single version used for the PV, with senbatsu on the main floor and the other third of the group on the two platforms above. What surprised me is that the girls in the back actually do get to sing. I would have guessed that they’d just have to dance and wave their hands around accordingly, but it looks like I was wrong.

W’sN? She’s in the back-ish. For the first half she’s on the first platform, but she switches to being the only girl in the middle of the steps for a bit, and later goes to the flat portion of the stage with the rest of the group. I love how she’s still getting a respectable amount of camera time, though.

02. Dear My Teacher
17. Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru

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