I want to meet AND shuffle you! (First Concert Aitakatta) Part IA » 18. Namida Uri no Shoujo

18. Namida Uri no Shoujo

18. Namida Uri no Shoujo

The stage goes black with a few side lights to allow the rest of AKB on stage. They’re wearing the same as the senbatsu, but instead of red, Team A is has blue and Team K has blue. Somehow I like these more. I also like how none of these girls are used in this song at all, but they still get to make an appearance and have more time on stage.

The Team K senbatsu move up to the first set of stairs (which were moved during the units), while Team A’s half steals the mainstage and perform thier closer for A3. I wish they would have allowed a litle more interaction here, as this looks especially silly during the rap. Team A senbatsu is going all out, and Team K senbatsu just kind of slides down before running off to the sides while Team A finishes the song.

W’sN? She’s in back-ish again. But at least she’s on stage.

17. Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru
19. Virgin Love

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