I want to meet AND shuffle you! (First Concert Aitakatta) Part IA » 19. Virgin Love

19. Virgin Love

19. Virgin Love

Finally a Team K group song! Everyone comes back on stage from depositing their shirts on the sides with pretty dresses on. Without those button-ups, we can really see the intent behind the ruffled side: a detail of a party dress. Also, it looks like there are a veriety of strap designs, similar to the A3 plaid dresses. Again, I love these costumes.

The song starts out with nine girls jumping on stage into a very fierce ‘V’ formation (for ‘Virgin Love’) while the rest dot the sides. It seems very stylish compared to the rest in this concert. The ‘V’ (as well as an ‘L’) is echoed throughout the choreography at the ends of the choruses.

I’m glad they combined the Teams again to create a more dynamic effect. I love Stage songs (or B-sides, here) staged in a way that AKB actually performs as one instead of two or three groups of singers. I love the whole Team idea, but when everyone’s on stage in coordinating outfits, I want everyone to work towards a common goal.

W’sN? Everywhere. But not in a great position for the most part.

18. Namida Uri no Shoujo
20. Cinderella wa Damesarenai

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