I want to meet AND shuffle you! (First Concert Aitakatta) Part IA » 22. Skirt, Hirari

22. Skirt, Hirari

22. Skirt, Hirari

Finally ‘Skirt’ is performed. Team K’s five unit members from K1 perform on the top layer, while Team A’s Sukahira Seven are on the middle platform. The jean-wearers are all on the bottom in the front. It’s kind of a welcome change of pace to have the non-popular girls right up front.

I dislike how they’re using using the encore version of the song. That means that there aren’t any solo (or duet) lines, but just group lines with the original singers’ voices’ volume turned up a bit.

I’m unsure of my feelings on the encore costumes used here. Everyone has these white t-shirts with a plaid oval with negative space reading ‘mirror’ backwards (meaning you could read ‘mirror’ if you were looking in a mirror) printed on them. I have to wonder if this was supposed to be ironic or was originally a production mistake. Some of the girls have plaid shirts (or just fabric?) wrapped around their waists. Non-Sukahira Seven Team A and non-unit Team K members wear jeans, while the Seven wear a-line skirts and the unit wear fitted skirts. Another thing about those twelve being on top: the higher they are, the better the possibility there is for some up-skirt action. Maybe that was the reasoning there.

W’sN? On stage right again. Definitely not on a platform.

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