B5 Black-out Facebook Event!

Anyone want to be completely surprised by B5’s first performance?  Join the Facebook Event!

First Stage by the New Team B!

Please join if:

You want to get a link to the first B5 LOD when it comes out for download.


You want to share a link to the first B5 LOD when it first comes out for download.


– Don’t spoil anything. Songs/Costumes/Units/Anything. This is group is for people who want to watch it as though they’re in the audience on opening night.

-Don’t even say if it’s good or bad or anything.

– If you’re linking to the LOD, please link to the download page (H!O, Mediafire, MegaUpload, and whatnot, not Stage48’s Depot or Nihongogo’s Krackhouse). I know that a number of members don’t like logging into forums during this time because they use the ‘new posts’ feature.

Featured Members:

– Ishida Haruka
– Oku Manami
– Kasai Tomomi
– Kashiwagi Yuki
– Kitahara Rie
– Kobayashi Kana
– Komori Mika
– Sato Amina
– Sato Sumire
– Sato Natsuki
– Suzuki Mariya
– Chikano Rina
– Hirajima Natsumi
– Masuda Yuka
– Miyazaki Miho
– Watanabe Mayu


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