N Blog (100529 08:33) – ‘☆Good Morning☆〃’

Good morning (*ノωノ)

Today is the handshake event (☆>∀<)
Recently, there are a lot of fun events いですっ(N´∀`)/

That picture is of some pasta I ate recently (*ノωノ)
Delicious (N´∀`)/`

This morning we have

[Sato Natsuki Detail-Understanding Corner]

*clapping* (*^ω^*)

Well… first off:
In first place is that I like to eat food
I can say with confidence that I like vegetable salid very much
Salad is okay to eat for a week (laughs)

Next, I like shopping *
I love 109 the most ☆〃
I like these brands:
☆Honey Bunch

Among other things (*ノωノ)

I love basic fashions * I feel very happy at the end of the day when I wear new clothes。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。Happiness

I eat out at least once a week (●・ωヽ) I especially enjoy going out for a meal with members of my family (●・ωヽ)

Once every three days I go to a cafe (*ノωノ)

The cafe is either a kind of merican-style cafe that I like (☆>∀<) and though I’ve never been abroad to Korea, Natsuki’s cafe ‘Time’ has a bit of foreign flavor and unique bliss to it. (N´∀`)/

Recently, not much has happened
I went to the gym (*ノωノ)
The clothing is thin!  And I have to say that sometimes I’m extremely happy ← You’ll have to get used to this language

In the future, I’ll have many stomach-less costumes in the New Team B*〃

… Arrived at Makuhari Messe♪
Preparation time (*ノωノ) Well, then

@ N-san


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