N Blog (100530 15:10) – ‘No Smoking! Symposium ☆*’

After the handshake event was over,

I left the assembly hall☆

Today I had the privilege of being selected to do something:
The No Smoking! Symposium event(`・д・´)
We distinguished the dangers of tobacco among other things in detail.  (N´∀`)/`

As promised during the event:

Sato Natsuki put in great effort
She called out ‘No Smoking!!’

During today’s events, I heard many lectures!!!!!

There was a No Smoking boom(*ノωノ)

And today, my normal clothes (*^c^)/

Today’s clothing is from:

Tangerine shirt ☆INGNI
T-shirt ☆ Dazzling
Ruffled Skirt ☆ LDS
Belt ☆ Honey Bunches
Boots ☆ Rizurisa

I’ll be ready for the spring

I hope to go shopping(´-ω-`)


Now I must study (`・д・´)
In time for my report??(´;ω;`)

Now it feels like a maxim …

【Kobayashi Kana borrowed my hand】
She has good energy (´-ω-`)(laughs)

Now it’s been almost an hour … First of all, it took all of my energy (●・ωヽ)

Today’s handshake event is next

People came to the event

I am very thankful 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。Thanks

@ N-san


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