N Blog (100530 21:38) – ‘Many Thanks ( ´゜▽’

My report has been finished (´;ω;`)

In earth-shattering speed, I did it! (●・ωヽ) I’m a genious (crys)
The deadline,
I made it in time *

Everyone, you’re on time

Natsuki did it!


Some time ago, my friend said on the telephone

『Hey, we should have a surprise party』

She said that
it is a secret

We had a party(*ノωノ)
I brought cake ☆
When Natsuki entered with the cake
I was surprised (N´∀`)/` Another congratulations..(〃ノω’)σ


The handshake was fun

I enjoyed meeting all of the fans.

I was delighted to see my friend

We both had happy faces (*^c^)/

By the way, one happy thing:

『I was able to see many people with smiles』

(´-ω-`) That’s boring??

I’ll say it once in a while(*^ω^*)


In this one day

What was the one thing that made you happy? (´゜▽゜`)

Now tell me

I have a feeling that tomorrow will also be a good day (*ονο*)

Well then, (*ノωノ)

Good night (●・ωヽ)

@ N-san


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