N Blog (100601 13:40) – ‘(tears;∀;)/`’

Good day! (*ノωノ)

Yesterday, the drama I watched was recorded…***

I’m sensitive… (;∀;)/`

I did everything I could to watch the whole thing!!

By the way, yesterday, I had a great passion for


Can everyone see??

I saw a lot of seniors coming into to the office to perform

I cried!!
Parent-child relationship… fellowship… teamwork…

I cried!!!!! Everyone had better see it!!
I cried only at the start
It was amusing ☆〃

A likable young school drama (N´∀`)/`

For five days, Natsuki went out for the drama (*^c^)/

My story has changed
Today, the weather is nice ☆☆☆〃

It’s the kind of day that one should go outside and be happy (●・ωヽ)

Ah… Today, the comb in my hair melted
Some of my hair came out with it
I was surprised!!!!!

… I have hair extensions now (laughs)
… I’m relieved (laughs)

Shoud I gradually change it over time??
Soon I’ll go to the beauty parlor (*ノωノ)

I spoke to an old middle school friend of mine…

【Which is better, long or short?】

I still don’t know (´・H・)

A girl’s feelings are difficult to make decisions

men’s hearts are hard, too
by N


@ N-san



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