N Blog (100601 19:39) – ‘Wa Piba☆〃*’

Today is Aamin, Maeda Ami’s, birthday (〃ノω’)σ

Happy birthday! (*^▽^)/

I became friends with Aamin… When was it?
It must have been in very recent days☆〃

Aamin is so young, do you think we’re children of the same generation?  But
Natsuki is pretty much an adult now, too!

I need to settle myself down, after being a hard worker!!
I got a new iPod Touch (N´∀`)/`
I can put all of my lesson VTRs in it (laughs)

Despite our ages, we can chat with each other a lot (*ノωノ)
We go on dates (*^ω^*)

Certainly Natsuki raises her lovingly like a little sister (N´∀`)

Aamin will make a great adult (´;ω;`)

Really, congratulations (☆>∀<)
Aamin will send mail to 『Answers from B Buro’s View』 I think .. (〃ノω’)σ

Today, post congratulatory comments(N´∀`)/`今日は

Tonight, please chant 『Congratulations, Aamin (v^-゜)』 three times (laughs)

(●・ωヽ) Congratulations, Aamin!
(●・ωヽ) Congratulations, Aamin!
(●・ωヽ) Congratulations, Aamin!

@ N-san



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