N Blog (100602 20:00 – ‘It’s been a long time since my last Purikura’

Today I went to an exhibition at Choru Stage with a close friend from senior year at high school (☆>∀<)

What are the chances of us meeting here!?!?
Now it’s time for a meal (●・ωヽ)
I want to go eat!!!  I want to go eat!!!  Natsuki gets noisy for this sort of thing (laughs)

In reality, Natsuki loves going out to eat (●・ωヽ) Living alone makes me lonely (laughs)

I did some purikura (*ノωノ)
I added on a little bit (嬉´ω`ポ)

Well then, now I’m going to answer some questions in my comment section.. (〃ノω’)σ

Which to do?  I want to answer ones from everybody

I’m putting together this question corner in order of when I received them…

Natsuki’s a beginner at blogging… Should she do this?
But the questions… I want to answer them? (laughs)
Natsuki will answer questions about before she entered AKB48
I get these on the radio or through e-mail (`・д・´) I understand everyone’s feelings!!!! (´;ω;`)

Blogging at N Buro makes me happy everyday (・H・)

Everyone, I want to respond quickly like playing catch(・H・)

I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions about these questions (*ノωノ)

I will respond at once↓↓↓↓↓↓

◆What sport do you like?

I don’t particularly like them (●・ωヽ) I used to really dislike PE classes in school, and every time we’d have them, I would think about a lie in order to get out of participating (laughs)
I’m a very slow runner (´-ω-`)
If asked this question, I’d always say bad mitton (●・ωヽ) After playing bad mitton with friends, I’d do little dances on the court ☆☆☆ Kind of like AKB’s dances (N´∀`)/
I’m bad at sports (´・H・)
But this was fun (☆>∀<)
My sister danced, and usually she had such a clean image when performing
I went to a dance school’s recital, and dancing looked really cool(●・ωヽ)

Looking back as a performer, I think it was inevitable that I’d be envious of my older sister’s performance (N´∀`)/`
After a while, I went to see a show again (*ノωノ) She’s an expert(*ノωノ)

◆ Are there any other drama other than Tumbling that you recommend?
『Sunao ni nare Nakute』
That one (*ノωノ)
It’s a frustrating love story (N´∀`)/` It’s not just frustrating!
It’s complex!!!! So every time I see it, I see different things happening and my heart pounds (*ノωノ)
That’s my recommendation (*ノωノ)
After that is 『Yanki-kun to Megane-chan』(☆>∀<)

It’s hilarious!!!
That’s the last one on my mind!!!  Natsuki likes school dramas (N´∀`)/`

@ N-san



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