N Blog (100603 23:02) – ‘Disney ☆☆☆’

Evening (●・ωヽ)

Today I went out as a trio of girls to Disneyland (*ノωノ)

It was very crowded, but still fun.. (〃ノω’)σ
I also love Disney (*^ω^*)

With zest we ate our meal (●・ωヽ) We bought the same phone straps, and took many pictures (*ノωノ) Lots of memories

Now I must return to things like studying (laughs)
Reality… (laughs)

Things like feeling content after a day(●・ωヽ)
Do you have the same feelings everyone? (N´∀`)/`

Ah!  That’s right (*ノωノ) Natsuki had her very first fortune-telling experience (●・ωヽ)
Yeah… It was awfully correct (laughs)

First, the fortune-teller said

(●・ωヽ)『You are prone to worrying and often feel down.  Is that right?』

That’s what she said (laughs)

Frankly I was embarrassed (laughs laughs)

I honestly don’t believe fortune-telling, but… It’s very believable

Besides, one’s luck with business, love, money, etc. is shown by their outward appearance…

Yeah….. (〃ノω’)σ

What would you say if you gave the fortune ……

It’s a secret (*ノωノ) (laughs)

Ah, that (N´∀`)/`

Irritatingly flatters Natsuki.. (〃ノω’)σ (laughs)

Bye Bye ☆

@ N-san



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