N Blog (100605 00:52) – ‘Thank you’


Thank you for the many questions (*ノωノ)

Please look forward to me answering them all soon  (〃ノω’)σ

Today’s a little miracle ← Is that so? (laughs)

Looking at the scenery from my balcony (●・ωヽ) The wind feels good!!!

It’s one of those days when a long time pasts as fast as you can say ‘Ah’!!!!

I still have studying to do… I’m doing okay!  Today I watched a few dramas…
I also went shopping ←
I really like shopping ←

I am sort of

Excellently active ←←←

Sort of (laughs)

Right now I’m having music play as I get ready for bed… (〃ノω’)σ

… That’s why I’m still up ←

I will persist 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Tomorrow is a handshake event
The last one… ☆It’s a lonely, but lovely sort of day (*ノωノ)

Let’s make memories, everyone (N´∀`)/`
By the way, I’ll be participating at 12:00 (●・ωヽ)

I’ll be waiting (N´∀`)/`

Well then, (*ノωノ) Thank you for today ☆☆☆
I will work hard tomorrow… (〃ノω’)σ

@ N-san



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