N Blog (100605 10:52) – ‘Good Morning (* ゜ー゜)v’

Good morning (^-^*)/

Last night I lied in bed at 3:00… then 4:00… then 5:00… and Sato Natsuki finally fell asleep at 6:30 (´-ω-`)


Tomorrow is the handshake event (N´∀`)/`
It’s the last one… N-chan fighting spirit ☆

Everyone should come since it’s so late… right? (laughs)

I will ☆ reply to a few questions (●・ωヽ)

※(Image) That’s from three days ago from the jewelry brand ‘Grasses’ exhibition

※That’s the end of this news story… good? (*ノωノ)

Q Do you have brothers or sisters?  Or should I say who is in your family?

Let’s see, I’ll give a detailed explanation

A lovely dad

A mother with great style

An elite, well-respected older brother, who I call On-chan

A close older sister

In short, a five member family ♪

Q Do you like your surname, Sato?

At Shibuya AX, AKB members named Sato were able to have an MC called ‘Sugar!’  It was nice to have that chance.  When AKB performs all-together, it’s an opportunity to speak… the Sato MC was good (*ノωノ)
Thank you, Mom and Dad (laughs)

Q What kind of girl is Chiyuu (Kasai Tomomi)?

She studies!  I will tell you… Chiyuu is so solid!  I always tell Chiyuu 『Firm up!!!』 when we leave each other.
I want to treasure this kind of person forever.

Q In marriage, what type of man would you like?

I don’t know about marriage yet

Q Do you listen to reggae or hip-hop?

I don’t listen to reggae (*ノωノ) But I do usually listen to hip-hop and R&B!  I like western music (*^ω^*)
Now I wonder if I’ll try listening to reggae ☆ On that topic, what artist in reggae do you recommend??

Q What perfume do you use?

I’ve repeatedly bought
Paris Hitlon’s.. (〃ノω’)σ
Hmm, I use
BodyShop’s Sakura

Those I use.. (〃ノω’)σ I like sweet scents!  But the most important thing is that they are 『long lasting』 (*ノωノ)

Q What is Nacchi’s favorite type of cooking?

My granny’s tempura omelettes are wonderful!
It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten one!!

Yum 。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。

Q What is your aspiration as a member?

To rise!  I think my vocabulary has risen since the beginning!!!
I’ve seen my place be constant in many rankings.  I’m following my own example (*ノωノ)

Q What’s your recommended study method to improve concentration, etc.?

Plan time to study…
Also, Natsuki’s best place to study is the cafe!
Are you asking about English?  That’s a good question then… I’m poor at English!
But take care, everyday when you go out, there’s lots of English all around you (●・ωヽ)
Now I transcribe everyone’s questions in my notebook
For example, that was the case of the 『Original Team K, Episode…』

I wrote the 『Original Team K, Episode…』 (●・ωヽ) , and I would remember the lists of words in itemized forms (●・ωヽ)
I would strolls and photograph English words
It’s a simple habit to acquire to master new words (*ノωノ) … (●・ωヽ)

Okay… to the things I’ve said

This is the first time (*ノωノ) I’ve answered so many questions in succession (N´∀`)/`

Well then,
As promised… (*ノωノ) like a good little girl…


Do you say…

Sato Natsuki’s

Situation in a single word


La La La La La La La…. ♪

You said, “How troublesome, I’m late to the meeting”

N said, “Just a minute!!! Why are you so tired (`д´) You should get ready for sleeping earlier!!!!!”

You said, “Good grief, you’re noisy in the morning (-_-メ)”

10 minutes later…

You said, “Well then, I’m leaving”

N said, “Come on!!!! For breakfast?”

You said, “It’s time to go”
N said, “I suppose so… yes!  A bento!!!!”

You said, “Oh… well then… I’m off…”

N said, “Ah!!! Wait!!! …”

N said, “Have a good day (〃∨〃)”


That’s (*ノωノ) a short story that brought my joy (●・ωヽ)

Everyone, take care (*^c^)/

@ N–san



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