N Blog (100606 7:30) – ‘Good Morning (´-ω- `)’

Good morning… (〃ノω’)!
Last night, something wonderful happened!!
I didn’t go to sleep (´・H・) (laughs)

I have to laugh!!  I wonder how I can lay down?  My body’s awfully tired

Please teach me how exactly to go to sleep (`・д・´)← Seriously

Today the members got all together (N´∀`)/`
We had a big jump rope tournament!!
I wonder how much I jumped… (●・ωヽ)
I do miss things like jumping rope… (〃ノω’)σ

I raises me into high spirits (N´∀`)/`

Answering questions (☆>∀<)

Q What comedian do you like?

‘Sandwichman’ (●・ωヽ) I truly like (*ノωノ) I respected him at the M1 Grand Prix (*^ω^*)

Q What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are
Looking at magazines
Watching dramas
Having meals with friends

Yup (●・ωヽ)

Q What does Natsuki dislike being called?

Anything’s alright (☆>∀<)

Any name is okay with me (N´∀`)/`☆ Just a friendly call will do (●・ωヽ) As always, thanks for the support!

Q When was the last time you went to Hokkaido?

The last time I visited Hokkaido was in elementary school (*ノωノ)

In this living, it’s time-consuming to go that far (●・ωヽ) But it’s been a long time since returning to my birthplace… (〃ノω’)σ

Q Who was the first member you talked to after joining AKB?
In the first Team K audition, I spoke to Kobayashi (*ノωノ)

After auditioning, I talked to Sae!

“N-san (☆>∀<) (☆>∀<) (☆>∀<)” Sae had such bravado… (〃ノω’)σ

Q Which member are you close with on Team B?

I’m close with Mariyanu and Kobayashi.  Actually, I went to a movie with Kobayashi recently

Many in this Team talk a lot (N´∀`)/` After this, I made friends with many members (●・ωヽ)

Q What’s your phone’s wallpaper?

My wallpaper is
A purikura picture (N´∀`)/`


Yesterday, everyone complimented my hair (*ノωノ)

My hair is like a twirling hairstyle (●・ωヽ)

Nakagawa Shoko has worn it, too (*ノωノ)

I’m sleepy ☆

Everyone, enjoy your Sunday (N´∀`)/`


@ N-san



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