N Blog (100609 23:19) – ‘Thank You Very Much’

Today was a long, long day.

They counted the ballots of the senbatsu elections…
I think about this in various ways

I have a feeling full of sorrow.

Please allow me to make a short speech, as I’d like to convey my mood by writing with all of my energy.  Please use all of your energy to listen.

Now, I want to give my

election speech to you.

Recently, I have carried the burdan of thinking that it’s detestable to meet people

I think that Natsuki’s family and friends have joined together?
AKB now has victims even within my family

That’s what I’ve been thinking.

AKB’s been making it hard to live with pride as a daughter.  Why must a consequence be that I must leave my family.

I always have nearly help and friends,

I have to consider these things.

Beginning to think is endless.  That’s everyday.

Someone gives a speech outside the election to get away from the mood outside

I must go to sleep right now, but I must consider all of this.

But today was a meeting
Everyone, I saw many fans’ faces
I think AKB has experienced fame due to everyone’s support
Having an election and putting it in the news is all thanks to your help

With AKB, I honestly thought it all was amazing
I thought of how happy it brought me ☆

There are many handshake evens
I releyed on you to vote for me
For Natsuki, you spent so much of your precious time and money

Even though I’m a normal girl
There are so many people who support me
I never thought I would be so happy

My family and friends… particularly my family
You have talked to me about this election.  I think you gave me much of the spirit needed to do this.  You’ve always done this!  Since the first time I was selected to be a senbatsu member for an AKB single.
But I used all of my power to get into senbatsu now, It was decided that this would be a televised performance and like the office announcements, I cried over the telephone.
Natsuki is good at conveying things, I’m regrettably sad for my obidient family who supported me now.
But, for escaping… Everyone, the N Buro’s appearance is borrowed…

Older Brother
Older Sister

Not bad!! Natsuki, not that bad!
But, so far, should I stay in AKB?  I will persist in both college and AKB at the same time!  Please give me the same close support!!!

And everyone
Let’s be able to leave behind the results,

Really, thank you so much for your votes.

I’m 20 years old in the 5th year of AKB!  I’m almost there…

I will persist on

I will persist on moreso

Please help me persist on!

Things like the election are
I’m able to live through such experiences!

Really, really thank you (N´∀`)/`

Everyone’s so lovely..(〃ノω’)σ
After this, please remember me (N´∀`)/`

I’m really thankful for you (N´∀`)/`




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