N Blog (100611 09:58) – ‘Good Morning (*^ ω^*)’

Everyone, good morning (*^ω^*)

My alarm went bad…

I woke up before it began
I felt a little bit of happiness (●・ωヽ) Happy

Oh ☆
I know what is coming next
We determined a meeting for Watanabe Girls Mobile members to come to a Watanabe Girls Event (*^ω^*)

Yay (*ノωノ)

It’s the first time Natsuki will enjoy participating in a full-blown event like this (N´∀`)/`

Please come (*ノωノ)

… Oh (`・д・´)

… 1 hour has past quickly (laughs)
I just now noticed…

I usually have trouble getting up… (laughs)
But this way I end up going to a cafe… (´-ω-`)

Today we have the best weather
It’s going to be a good day
Everyone’s comments from yesterday… I read over their feelings again!
Natsuki is moved by such language and wants to thank you (´;ω;`)

Natsuki is not alone(*ノωノ)

After this “together” let’s push onward (N´∀`)/`


Now, let’s kill time (laughs)

@ N-san



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