N Blog (100615 23:30 ) – ‘(N´∀`Sweaty)/`’

It’s so detestably hot (´゜▽゜`)
Today I went to the sauna
I’m off to see the chiropractor (*ノωノ)
With the pressure of message… my whole body feels refreshed ☆ Tomorrow I have a performance N´∀`)/`
Tonight I just have my meal of a soup and a salad (*ονο*)
Nonetheless, I’m feeling great and sweating as I’m writing this ☆

Well then, after a long time, I’ll answer some more questions (N´∀`)

Q Please share with us how you keep your beautiful figure (N´∀`)/`

Lately, I’ve discovered a reccommended way to keep your figure (N´∀`)/`

For your body… you should have a vegetable salad (*ノωノ) You should always remember calories and choose non-oil dressings, as they are neccessary and oil absorption is bad for your body (*^ω^*) So lately I’ve began having salads without olive oil, and I use green dressings!  You can get used to the flavor and its better for the body (N´∀`)/`

Q what type do you like?

Someone with the same values as me (N´∀`)/`

Q Do you like rock bands?

Tokyo Jihen (N´∀`)/`
I like them a lot (*ノωノ)

Q How much time do you work at the gym? (N´∀`)/`

At the gym, I usually do basic weight training (*ノωノ)
For time, it’s usually about 1 hour ☆
Weight training is hard to keep up with

Q What do you like for men’s fashion?

Hmm (*ノωノ)
Grey parkas (laughs)
I like individual jackets (*ノωノ)

Q Which country do you think will win the World Cup?

Of course I think Japan will (*ノωノ) Everyone, please support them (☆>∀<)

Q What games do you like?

I like Momo Tetsu (☆>∀<) I play the 1999 version (laughs)

Q Please tell me the actor and actress you like ☆

For actresses, I like Kieko Kitegawa-san ☆ Mirei Kiritani-san ☆

For actors, Eita-san!!!  His acting is… amazing!!!!!!!!

Q What is your best triumph in cooking?

Light omelets (*ονο*)

What song did you sing for your audition to AKB?

It was Matsuura Aya-san’s ‘Momoiro no Katamoi’ (*^ω^*)

Q What unit would you like to be the center in that you were on the side of?

‘Heart Gata Virus’ (*^ω^*)
I did it at Budokan…
I want to try again

Q What things do fans say that make you happy??

There are many things that make me happy… the first is

“I support the efforts of idol Sato Natsuki so much”

Yup (*ノωノ)
Supporting the efforts (´;ω;`) This sort of language makes me so happy (´;ω;`) It always encourages just about everybody (´;ω;`)
Alone, and in many ways

This is excellent support!

So, I will continue to work through these in order

Going through the questions one-by-one (´゜▽゜`)

Also tonight…
What should I do tonight…
One of the many names in the lottery

In the middle of dreams, Sato Natsuki has the privilege of an intrusion!

The application process is here!

Which way? (laughs)

Well (*^ω^*) everyone

Good night (☆>∀<)

Please wait for me

@ N-san



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