N Blog (100616 23:28) – ‘Performance’

Today Team B has a performance (*ノωノ)

An introduction of my civilian clothes
Amina-chan’s is very similar…

I participated in this (*^ω^*)
But I forgot where Amina-chan’s clothes were from f^_^; Sorry

Natsuki-san is wearing

Cardigan ☆ Dazzlin’
One-Piece ☆ Dazzlin’

As a matter of fact, Suuchan has this one-piece in a different color (*ノωノ)

We all love Dazzlin’

Oh… Amina-chan and Natsuki

Sato… (laughs)

Oh various things, today was enjoyable (*^ω^*)

Ah… Today’s performance

I ended up getting into a speech about sea grapes (☆>∀<)

But I ate gyoza (´-ω-`) Yum.  And I ate sea grapes, too (laughs)

Also: sea grapes… sea grapes…

Are sea grapes annoying?
I’ll calm down after eating a few (´-ω-`)

Please be a little bit patient with me (laughs)

Today I’ll keep at it (N´∀`)/`


Eating sea grapes (*^c^)/

@ N-san



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