N Blog (100617 11:40) – ‘Looks Warm’

Good morning (^-^*)/

Today it was hot (ι´О`ゞ) I had to dress lightly ☆ Today we had a photo shoot

I made myself a mini-mini ☆ omelette for breakfast this morning (*ノωノ)

The eggs were light and tasty
(´゜▽゜`) I’m such a genius ←

Everyone, My appitite is growing… ☆☆☆

In yesterday’s show,

My grandmother ☆ sent a gift from Hokkaido’s snow pavilion candy shop… (●・ωヽ)

We got a lot, so that was good (*ノωノ)

Please ignore how spoiled I acted at the last high touch event (laughs) The tsundere Kana-chan is lovely (*^ω^*)

Today, perhaps

I’ll eat… perhaps


Well, something?
Sea grapes?


Mama’s homemade meal?

Vegetable salad?

What should I have? (*^ω^*)

@ N-san



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