N Blog (100620 00:22) – ‘An event has occured!!!!!’

Today I ordered sea grapes!!!!


I got more than the usual amount

Extra-large portion!!!!!!!!!

The shop assistant said,
“I saw your blog.  It’s obvious that you really like sea grapes (*^ω^*)”


Thank you, god…

Or perhaps I should say, thank you, shop assistant (´;ω;`)

This honorable shop’s charm

The shop assisant said,
“The wasabi juice fits this”

It tastes good on my tounge


“Okinawa’s sea grapes are hung on a bowl like Chinese yams.  So please eat them until you are full”

They gave me this preperation (´;ω;`) (´;ω;`) (´;ω;`)

Sea grapes are so good  (´;ω;`)

This affair is beyond happy (*^ω^*)

That’s my report, everyone… (N´∀`)/`

@ N-san



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