N Blog (100629 00:06) – ‘Last’

Thank you so much

Today we had a performance!! Moreover,

Today it was the last performance of my teen years (^O^)
I think i was an appropriate last performance (*^ω^*)

It was fun (*ノωノ)

After a long time, I got to meet with Masuda-chan (*^c^)/

Saying “Natsuki and the Ghost”
Was how I welcomed yesterday’s performance

After a long time, we got to meet (*^ω^*)

Moreover, the stage was

“Natsuki” service!!!!

In the dressing room, “Natsuki” was called from the stage, which was unusual, “What?” I answered (laughs)

Thank you for the stage (*^ω^*)

Today it was clear in the dressing room (*ノωノ)

After a while, I saw Akimoto’s face (*^c^)/
I clearly like it very much (*ノωノ)

An introduction of my civilian clothes

Jumper ☆ Decious
Sandals ☆moussy
Cap ☆ Honey Bunch
Yup (*ノωノ)

The jumper
looks super stylish.
It’s popular with the other members

Now I think I have to bathe, study a little bit, and go to sleep

Good night (*ノωノ)


I’m done with being a teenager in two days

Everyone, if that’s the case
What should I do????

@ N-san



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