Where’s Natsuki? Certainly not in ‘French Kiss.’

Watanabe Entertainment is now coming out with their first AKB48 sub-group!  They’re calling it ‘French Kiss‘ (フレ ンチ・キス), and their first single will come out this fall and is titled ‘Zutto Mae Kara.’  Included in the sub-group are members Kuramochi Asuka, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Takajo Aki.  Seeing as it was announced by Kashiwagi, and of course noting her popularity, it’s fair to assume she’ll be leading the unit.

Their first single will be the ending theme of the baseball anime ‘Major‘ and its TV version will be premiered on July 3rd, this Saturday.

On the topic of Natsuki, I’m really unhappy with this unit.  Since the only two girls left (besides Nacchu) are Natsuki and Shizuka, I highly doubt they’ll be getting into units any time soon.  One of my big reasons for being excited for Natsuki getting into such a highly-prized agency was that she might get into some sort of unit.  With ‘French Kiss’ in the way,  I don’t think that is going to happen.

This all sounds selfish, I know, but I hope this unit ends after their ending theme, so the girls are back into Watanabe’s pool of AKB girls and another unit can spring up.  Natsuki would be perfect next to Mocchi in a Kashiwagi-led unit, and she’d be equally great aside Shiichan in a Takajo-centered one.  If only this could happen.

Well, you know, I’m totally still hoping for a solo career from Natsuki.

4 Responses

  1. So just because your fav girl isn’t in this, you want this unit to disband after one single? Can’t say I agree with you there. I personally hope it continues on past one release, much like the other units.

  2. ^Yup! As I said, I’m selfish. Usually I’m mostly indifferent (or excited) about a new unit announcement, but this one actually cuts out the possibility of a unit with Natsuki in the near future. I’m glad these girls are getting exposure, but I just want Natsuki to be getting that too.

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  4. I’ve got similar feelings with Shiichan. Though both Nacchi and Shiichan have had some MC work so far, I’m guessing that’s more the direction they’re pushing these two.

    It would be pretty cool if watanabe did a lot of one-off units with their pool of girls but seems unlikely =(

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