N Blog (100702 20:19) – ‘After a long time…’

After a long time I will
Answer the next questions!!! ^^

Q Do you know about ‘Suiyou dou Deshou u’?

Oizumi Hiroshi-san is from a TV program in Hokkaido ..(〃ノω’)σ Of course I know it!

Q How often do you get on the train?

Every day I ride it (^O^)

Q Why did you become an idol?

I think I’ve always wanted to become an entertainer, but getting a job with AKB so quickly let me show my abilities that I normally wouldn’t be able to
Through concerts I’m able to apply my skills, and I I like the concepts AKB has to offer ..(〃ノω’)σ

Q Have you been to Kagoshima?


As a matter of fact, I’ve wanted to eat sea grapes from Kagoshima ..(〃ノω’)σ

So, Kagoshima’s
Sea grapes (*ノωノ)

Q What brands do you like?  Have you heard of minPlume?

I like brands like Dazzlin’, Language, Honey Bunch

I know that one of my friends works at minPlume (*ノωノ)
It’s cute

Q What’s your favorite unit?

Arashi no Yoru ni wa

Yup (*ノωノ)

Godly songs ..(〃ノω’)σ

What kind of star do you want to be?

A famous talent (laughs)

I want to be the kind of star that can sing and dance and act ..(〃ノω’)σ

Q What are your thoughts on Dakishimeraretara?

It’s a lovely silhouette

It’s painful

It’s sweet

In what way
Do I take this… yeah ..(〃ノω’)σ

Sorry for taking a long time.  Your questions will definitely be answered in order (*ノωノ)

And today
I’m having a meal with my family

We’re going to get a surprise cake (*ノωノ)

It says Natsuki!!

I’m moved… (´・H・) Thank you so much (*ノωノ)

Today I’ll be going back home to study ..(〃ノω’)σ

Tomorrow I have two performances (*ノωノ)

@ N-san



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