N Blog (100705 21:20) – ‘Yoyogi Lessons’

Today we had lessons for our Yoyogi concerts (*ノωノ)

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to talk to so many members ..(〃ノω’)σ

It was particularly good to talk to Erepyon about Korea ☆ I’m happy ..(〃ノω’)σ

Everyone’s listening to K-pop

I like the girl group T-ara (*ノωノ)

And at the end of the lessons, Aamin and I had a date…

I am now going to the beauty parlor (*ノωノ)

I need to replace my hair extensions ..(〃ノω’)σ

I hope you enjoy them

I’ve grown accustomed to my shiny, silky hair

At home I’m going to slowly slip into the bath (*ονο*)

Everyone, what did you do today??^^!!!!???

Please tell me! ← (laughs)

@ N-san



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