Sometimes I question myself why I put so much time and energy into the AKB fandom.  I don’t particularly like a number of concepts used.  I often get annoyed with some members.  The music, while catchy, isn’t necessarily respectable.  Heck, most of the time I’m rolling my eyes and berating management in my head for making a series of bad decisions.  I’m sure many fans can agree on these sentiments, so I’m sure I’m not entirely in the minority.

Quite often I’m just completely unhappy with my fondness of the group.  I really have no business liking them.  The big problem is that I just can’t stop checking the forums, blogs, fansites, and imageboards.  And in reality, it’s not AKB48 at all.  In the past several years since I’ve discovered idol groups, I’ve found that as a whole, they’re all pretty much the most intoxicating things I’ve ever seen.  AKB has just been the best, and thus my favorite, since I found this industry.  If I hear of another group who’s doing things better, I don’t think I would wait a moment before switching to support them.  I feel like rather than being a fan of AKB48, now I’m just a follower, albeit a rather complete one.

But what am I a fan of?  Natsuki.

I have no clue what makes me so drawn to her.  I’m positive I wouldn’t want to date her: there’s chemistry that just wouldn’t let that work.  I really don’t know if we’d be good friends, either.  I tend to hang out with a fairly boisterous bunch, but there’s certainly a chance that we wouldn’t get along.  I think I might see her as someone slightly elevated from the rest.  A role model.  A superior version of everything I am.  An idol.

She’s fun, entertaining, predictable, and absolutely gorgeous.  She can be cute, sad, sexy, or hilarious at a moment’s notice.  She’s beyond talented: her voice is my favorite thing to hear, her dancing isn’t too forced or too lackadaisical, and she can hold my attention for hours by just talking.  She’s just so smart.  She has this certain energy that makes her shine, no matter the circumstances.  She knows when she needs to work hard and when she can slack off.  She’s quite possibly the most straightforward, yet interesting person I’ve heard of, and I can’t tear myself away from her.

I have no idea why she isn’t a bigger deal, and you know what?  My goal is to raise awareness of this amazing individual.  She’s too good at what she does to lay to waste.


(Can you tell I just finished watching her birthday LOD?)


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