N Blog (100711 23:12) – ‘It’s the surprise’

Peacefully going over two days,
The Yoyogi concerts are over (N´∀`)/`


It was really, really fun (*ノωノ)
I’m happy

Today there were various surprises

A rock-paper-scissors selection…


Erepyon’s graduation announcement…

I was with her on Team K
At the time, I knew that she still had some way to go as a child

I’m filled with memories of Erepyon

It’s dreadfully complicated

But those sort of options are attractive…
Studying overseas sounds attractive

Everyone decides on their own!!!
Erena decided to do that
Natsuki will support her

A big congratulations to Erena for her graduation (*^ω^*)

The day after tomorrow I have a theater performance to work hard in

@ N-san



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