N Blog (100712 16:50) – ‘Thanks for the letters’

Hello (*ノωノ)
Nacchi here (*^ω^*)

I’m still having flashbacks of Yoyogi… (´゜▽゜`) It was really fun…

I was talking with everyone
About our first tour with all of the members

At the start of the show, the curtain-puller’s location on the second floor was covered

We all said
“It’s so dangerous”

I think

There’s still some way to go before AKB can head out in all directions

That’s AKB

It’s expected that the concerts are just so big…

Of course, we’re not to our goal yet

The sign is the always-persistant AKB☆☆☆

We’ve gotten to where we are now thanks to your help.  After this, we will continue moving forward, with your assistance, please.

And yesterday, after the live

Graduate Masuyama Kayano
Gave me a birthday present (☆>∀<)

Kayano has appeared in Chocomimi comics (☆>∀<) I love the comic and am happy I got that present

Moreover, I got a letter (*^c^) Kayano’s such an adult

Thank you (*ノωノ)


Now in the concert goods, we have Watanabe Girls AKB member stickers!!!!!!

These pictures are so cute and perfect… I’m moved (´゜▽゜`)

We’ll have to think of everyone’s characters when writing (*ノωノ)

Yukirin is a cute snowman
Akicha is winking
Asuka is Kero-chan
Shiichan is a girl… rather than Shiichan (laughs)

I am

A hippo (laughs)

I am by no means

A hippo (laughs)

It is said that I look like a character from an old hippo story (laughs)

I am a daring hippo (☆>∀<)
Cute? (laughs)

But recently I was called a sheep (laughs)

I want to hold a sheep like a pillow
Is it like an eye mask?  That’s what I often hear.

I’m regrettably a thing like a sheep (laughs)

Everyone, please enjoy yourself with the stickers (☆>∀<)
I put the hippo sticker on my cell phone (laughs)

Today I’m studying Korean.  It’s super-fun.

English is…

English is……

Difficult!!!! (laughs)

Speaking of Engish, the other day the subject came up, but it’s difficlut….
SDN’s Kondo Sayaka
Tried helping me

She was so polite in helping me…
To be able to speak English is amazing… I was moved…

You’re like a mother now

I was so impressed with you, I’ll study English in my free time

It’ll be perfect (laughs)

Sorry mom,

I am…

Devoted to my Korean studies… (laughs)

But the letter’s organization is similar to Japanese writing

I am Natsuki.

Jo (I) nun (the) Natsuki (Natsuki) imunida ((desu)).

Jo nun Natsuki imunida

It seems to be relatively simple (*ノωノ)
But pronounciation of the vocabulary is difficult… very difficult…

But it’s fun (☆>∀<)

At the same time as studying Korean?  I’ve gotten into it (*ノωノ)(*ノωノ)

Today, I listend to nothing but BIG BANG (*ノωノ) the best in K-pop

Everyone, what kind of music do you listen to???


AKB48?? o(^-^o)(o^-^)o

@ N-san



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