N Blog (100713 22:47) – ‘It’s Over’

The show has finished (*ノωノ)
Do I get tired
At this age? (laughs)
I’ll have to bathe early and strech before going to bed

Most recently, I went

And ate the remainder of a rice dish from a chain store with beef and vegetables

But my friend said

That’s delicious
This is delicious

That’s what she keept saying

I think it was attractive (*ノωノ)

Everyone should get to know
Ushidonburiya-san’s menu (*ノωノ)

Is that usually said?

Have you tried rated rice with beef and vegetables and it with onion curry?


I worry about it (laughs)

Has everyone tried it??

Please tell me your recommended menu item (N´∀`)/`

@ N-san



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