N Blog (100719 21:45) – ‘Dinner’

Good evening (*ノωノ)

Thank you for your comments, everyone (´゜▽゜`)
With all of my power
I will go forward

Please support me (N´∀`)/`

Today, I made a small dinner of cold Korean-style noodles

By the way, on the package, it says


That means that they’re cold Korean-style noodles.

They’re sweet… and very spicy (laughs)
But I like it spicy

Entirely safe

At home I ate these cold Korean-style noodles (*ノωノ)

By the way, I definitely like Gyoza a lot.  Korean gyoza are very famous

I’ve heard that Myeong-dong Gyoza are very delicious

I forgot that old Korean food is good to eat (laughs)
I’d eat Gyoza on a day trip in Korea (laughs)

After an old fantastic couple drama’s episode


What is Zhanjiangmian?? Some thing to eat (N´∀`)/`

My speech as changed
Now I record all the dramas I can (´-ω-`) That’s the truth about dramas

I wonder what was on today??

Everyone, what dramas do you like that you’ve discovered??

@ N-san



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