N Blog (100721 23:55) – ‘Today…’

Thank you (*ノωノ)
The performance has finished


It was fun!!!! There were many girls not performing, but RS filled in and everyone banded together to make a good show (N´∀`)/`

About the photos…

Today the stage looked good…
I fell in love (laughs)

But I’m ashamed to say it (。・_・。)ノ

But that should be the stage’s appearance (laughs)

The stage was… good looking (*ノωノ)

Natsuki wore a parka (。・_・。)  My parka on stage looked really good!!!!!!!!!!


Today is a stage introduction and reading

I was nervous, but everyone made it easy to relax

The work in IMAGINE9.11 has so much energy… It’s about life’s importance and the idea of moving forward to have fun in life.  It’s a deep work.

When the reading started, steps were taken.  My costars brought in feelings with their voices. The importance of this was overwhelming, I felt like I was in the middle of the story.  I cried many times.

I will work hard (N´∀`)/`

Today’s performance had a high-five

I went to the stage afterwards (N´∀`)/`

Yuka said she was happy (*ノωノ)

Going forward,

Tickets are
On sale 7/23  (N´∀`)/`

Certainly come and see it

Everyone, a day off

@ N-san



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