N Blog (100723 15:19) – ‘~NStory. 1~’

~NStory. 1~

When I was in my second year of elementary school,

My mother took me to Tokyo Dome.

It was the first time in my life that I went to Tokyo Dome

It was the first time in my life that I went to a concert

I loved SPEED’s concert

It was an earth-shattering performance.
There was an audience of 55,000…
Everyone was watching and encouraging
Everyone paid all of their attention to the performance

I was dumbfounded.
Until then, I didn’t know my purpose in life.
How can they do that sort of thing?

That night I thought about it while I got in bed

I had seen dancing, heard singing, and MCs… I re-thought them all.

And then I decided.

I wanted to become a performer!

I would go to concerts.
All performances were fascinating

In that moment,

My “dream” was realized.

Ah… That’s right.
This was before AKB’s Budokan Hall concerts were decided

There, I spoke to Masuda Yuka.

“It’s so amazing we’re having a concert at Budokan”

“Have you thought about the reality? 10,000 people’s energy is concentrated on us?  Concerts… they’re amazing”

In that conversation, I inadvertently forgot about life.

Perhaps at Tokyo Dome’s SPEED concert… “earth-shattering” was too strong a word, and it was really all about the “stage.”

Listening to Yuka’s words, one’s mind had great opinions.

Being in AKB now
Concerts and events at the original theater are what I think about each time.

Now, I always feel

Earth-shattering energy.

So my performance rises up

And I bathe in an “Energy Shower.”



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