N Blog (100725 11:30) -‘Good Morning (* ノωノ)’

I was lying down watching DVDs, when I noticed
It was midnight (*ノωノ)

I have the day off today

I have to study for college

And a little for Korean

I’m falling asleep

I’m reading the script

I’m singing songs

…I’m full of things to do (*^ω^*)

I need to go to the gym (cries)

The truth is I’m getting fat (´-ω-`)


I made an omelette with ketchup for myself (*^ω^*)

I’ll eat it
This evening

By the way, this omelette is super simple

To make enough for a rice bowl, you only need 1-2 eggs, mixed vegetables, and ketchup (*^ω^*)

Cook the mixed vegetables and put the ketchup in rice (*^c^)/

Putting a name on it makes it taste better

The plate looks pretty when dishing up (*^ω^*)

And spread the scrambled egg oil on the frying pan (high heat)!

This is Natsuki’s current genius technique (laughs)

Stir it vigorously with chopsticks and move it around itself in the frying pan…

Use both hands and go quickly (laughs)

And put ketchup on the plate with rice, and the preparation is complete (*^ω^*)

It’s done (*ノωノ)

In a few days, Team A will begin performing

Watanabe Girls Akicha, Asuka, and Shiichan

Good luck (*^ω^*)

It’s hard, but

Everyone, please wait

It stands as a good Stage

I proclaim:

Team A!!!!!!!!

@ N-san



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