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By the time I was a third year in elementary school, I began sometimes going to cram school.
I had to do well for my middle school exams.

At that time, I went between school and cram school, and I didn’t think it mattered that playtime with my school friends decreased.

My older brother and older sister told me privately that that was normal for me to take exams this way.

It didn’t mean that I was bright.

That was in the olden days, and of course now.

In reality, my wish was that I’d honestly fail
All of my exams.

But that thought would be such a regrettable experience, and in the next exam, I would be serious.

Well, in this age

Being ordinary is a sweet, sweet thought

But I wasn’t like that as a child.

After all, I had to pass an exam to get into middle school.

The sailor uniform of a high class daughter’s school.

A girl’s school.

My thought about my enterance was that it was


That was my honest thought about getting into school.

The school regulations were so bitter and rigid.
What’s wrong with short skirts?
No long socks?
Why can’t I dye my hair?
Why can’t high school girls have cell phones these days?
What is the meaning of these bans?
At such a school, I could never make friends.

Starting from the beginning, I was unhappy with the school.  Those were my real thoughts.

But I realized this afterwards.

Within this school, I felt dead.

Following these bad school regulations every day was so strict.

How could I slip away?  I thought about such words every day.

But for this strict reason, I found that I could actually make friends.

Together, with a cautionary style,

I met treasured friends.

“Are we going back in tie?”
I made the error of asking

It seemed like I went back to junior high.

I was returning to the past

And the future was coming

I was worried… How would the future change
Bright or dark
For some reason I couldn’t do without these comforts

I wanted to return to the past

I completely appeared to wish to work hard every day, as I was expected to.


Recently, I was on a train and
I saw the girls uniform of my alma mater.

I heard their chatting

I graduated from
The short sock specification, the same rule, as appearance is strict at school… but I was jealous of that elegence.

It made me awfully happy^^

Someone said it was nagging

That’s useless to day

I would say…

I miss that I no longer go through it^^

So, when I saw my juniors,
I’d always give them a mindful shout

“‘Now’ you can enjoy yourself”


Now I say, “Now” you have no choices (*^ω^*)


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