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In junior high,

There were club activities.

It was my dream to become like Speed, so for that reason I decided to join the band.

Generally if that’s the case, one gets training from somewhere like a dance school

At the Sato house, we had a visitor…

My older sister had a really close friend that she would have over
In our living room

But at that time I was envious and really, really sneaky.

They were training for a production’s scene, and went to a dance school

Why couldn’t Nacchi go, too?
It was really vexing.

One day my parents asked me what I wanted to go into and I said with adult language,

“I want to go to cram school”

Why did I say such a lie?

Afterwards I was burdened
“Why did I think to do such a thing?” I regretted it

Everytime I went to my older sister’s recitals, there were cute costumes, the hair and make-up were adorable, and the glitter…

I was envious of the recital to the MAX.

What sort of unknown pestering did I have to do to accompany my parents everytime they went to her lesssons.
I always saw the details of the lessons in the hallway.

It was good.  The door was open to see
I was becoming accustomed to Speed,
It was such a mortifying thought

Now I was able to remember and hit many of their steps.

I returned to my house to practice quietly.

Such is the past
I approached becoming Speed for a while.  At the time when I was still in junior high, Speed was breaking up and inside I wanted them to go on forever.

At band, the songs were getting better and kind of Speed-like!  I thought about it
I continuously liked Speed and Namie Amuro-san and always looked towards them for new music.

Ringo Shiina-san.

Her titles were wonderful.  Her melodies in her songs, and in band…

Anything and everything about her had this perfect charm about it.

I did the guitar and vocals and I got a stand-out part, and my parents bought me a bright red guitar.

That’s the guitar I use for AKB^^
“Tomo yo”‘s guitar-work is my musical performance.

So, everyday at school I would practice with my guitar.

Honestly, at a girls’ school, it was absolutely conspicuous and detestable.

Things like the distant future were bothersome to look forward to, and in public, I would sing songs quitely to pass the time.

As usual,

I was clever.


I thought when I walked in the hall, “I’m a vocal child?”

I was Sato Natsuki no more.

I bore the name
Vocal Child.

At the time, on a scale to 5, my skill as a singer was 0.5.
It was disagreeable to say I was good.  But, before anyone knew it, I got a little bit more self-confident.

Was there any chance that I’d be ever be a good singer?

That confidence helped me pass the AKB auditon and the lessons afterwards.

The members of my Team made a big stimulus for me to gain popularity at once.

I was lacking in those skills.

Those were my thoughts.  Those discussions were my conclusions ^^

Since then I had the privilage of a performance at Music Station, and I appeared with Tokyo Jihen.
I could finally hear Shiina Ringo-san sing one of her songs live
And got goosebumps.
With AKB, I want to make those kinds of experiences.
That’s a good way to live ^^

By the way, I had the privilage of performing with bayFM, with a foreign group of the same age, “East West Boys” with five other AKB members at the same time.

Christmas was coming and we were given Christmas songs

Music is worldwide, with those words,
Were my feelings for the moment.

Music was found deep inside.
I had the fortune of having a musical family at home.

My father was a former band member
My mother played the guitar
My brother played in a band
My sister played the clarinet

I said I had to do music, but it didn’t have to be in a band.

My family agreed…

It was such a shared thing
So much sharing
The band was together for three years.

I got in my third year of middle school

“What will future become”

These were painful words

Before my eyes, a big wall appeared.

Afterwards, it was simple, and yet
I dared myself to go above this.

It was ordinary to

Raise yourself over these things.

Life seems to be a “hurdle competition.”


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