N Blog (100731 22:28) – ‘Festival’

Today we had two performance (●・ωヽ)

And it was Myao’s birthday (*ノωノ) Congrats, Myao (*^ω^*)

The MC’s topic was festivals, and by the way, I talked about going to festivals today

I did it (*ノωノ)

It was Kawasaki’s festival (*^c^)/

Well… It was amazing (*^ω^*)

Super-enjoyable (*ノωノ)

Hiroshima’s cooking, takoyaki, frankfurters, potatoes, yakitori ~ N-san ate them all (laughs)

Moreover, I wore a sweatshirt… and I decided to fix up my hair nicely… (laughs)

I have a bunch of college reports to do… (laughs)

It’s refreshing (´-ω-`)

The festival was lovely,
And I did the hula
Like a kid doing a children’s dance

It got me in a warm mood (*^ω^*)  Behind us was the sea and a pool, and now Natsuki’s gotten enough of that (*^ω^*)

And there were fireworks (●・ωヽ)

Anyway, I’ve changed to an easygoing mood (*^c^)/  Everyone, what’s your favorite festival??

Tomorrow is a Watanabe Girls event; please enjoy it (*^ω^*)

@ N-san



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