N Blog (100804 23:00) – ‘One Day’

The performance is over  (*ノωノ)

Yesterday, we had Yuka’s party…

This morning, suddenly

It looks to me that I think I should remove my hair extensions

The beauty parlor did them (laughs)
They put them in

Going back to Nacchi (*^ω^*)
It’s been a long time since it was short (*^ω^*)

And I thought about the performance
At home

Of South Korean’s “Time” (*^ω^*)


Is it healthy??

It seems to be like that  (*^ω^*) Everyone,


I did it immediately this morning

I only bathed half my body (`д´)

Fat Natsuki

Boo-chan Natsuki

Here, I’ll strike it…

Natsuki will become thin (`・д・´) Most recently, I’m fat (`・д・´)

I’ll become thin

@ N-san



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