N Blog (100805 13:00) – ‘Sorry’

Yesterday, I bought FOREVER 21 earrings (゜▽゜) They say LOVE and are adorable earrings (*^ω^*)

From such things

I’m sorry for the space between these ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Question Corner

I’ll answer them

Q How did you study for your last test??

My last test was perfect with
The previous day I had one last spurt at school  (´-ω-`) I could make a recommendation (laughs)
But, for my future, I had to do well on it ↓↓

Q What’s the highlight of Theater no Megami??

There are many idol songs I get to perform, but Ai no Stripper and Sayonara no Kanashibari are very deep (DEEP) songs, and I like those.  Out of all of those songs, I like those very much (*^ω^*)

In my unit song, there are many notice POINTs, it’s an adult-like song with facial expressions and dance moves that I think I want you to notice

Q What charms does your older sister have?

Decorating places (*^ω^*)

They’re charming (N´∀`)/  I like that she’s always able to understand my point of view (*ノωノ) My parents

Truly worry about her (*^c^)/

Q What imitations are you good at?

Now, about imitations… I have no choice on this (laughs)

I can do Misori Hibara-san’s bright-red sun song.  The wife of imitations (laughs)

Q Do you go to Hokkaido?

I try (>_<) I want to sharpen my dancing figure for my grandpa and grandma, I really want
To do it (cries) Someone to go to Hokkaido with (cries)
Grandma has a bad back and can’t ride in planes (´;ω;`)
So they can’t come to Tokyo (cries) I try

Q Who in Team B meshes well together??

Hmm (´-ω-`) Myao might… (laughs)
Myao has difficulties, but is amusing

Q What kind of girls is Yukirin?

She’s an awfully hard-working girl ^^
I respect her
She always puts in all of her power (*^ω^*)

Q Are you shocked by boys’ actions???


It appears I am in comics (laughs)

Maniacs (laughs)

They wear parkas (*^ω^*) (laughs)


Good day, today continues (*^ω^*)

By the way, the second half of school’s theme is foreign cultural exchange (*^c^)/

I’m indifferent (laughs)


After the performances, I laid down and watched dramasa (It was a gloomy 30 minutes…)

“I’ll just lay down” I thought the moment I closed my eyes

As it’s useless,
Natsuki is a spoiled child

And thoughts…

Bathing half my body (´;ω;`)

It’s great?? It’s great, right???????? (´;ω;`)

I think it’s great that

You praise me ..(〃ノω’)σぇへ

@ N-san



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