N Blog (100806 10:04) – ‘~Nstory. 4~’

“Dear. My “Friends””

My time in middle school really was perfect.
There was studying, friends, love, and various experiences, and at that point, I think I had to study??
Fights and tears and smiles, every day I failed in various ways…

I know I had AKB on my shoulders, but I had a friend with me there.

Mina, as a child, hated to lose, and at first, I hated studying and got failing marks at the last minute.  But Natsuki’s tests showed my true character and I saw that I was losing all of my good marks

It was said, “It’s mortifying!  At the end of the next term, Nacchi will leave.”

Really leaving.
Moreover, after one year of classes, and being the brains of the top class, Everyone borrowed my notes every day… Together in my second year of junior high, I carried the class, but by no means did that happen in the third year.

I hated to lose, but I cried and I was a fragile, pure girl. That was Mina.

Following that was Chihiro.

The reality was that I was an eccentric person.
I thought that I should immediatly put a plan into motion.  I wasn’t scared.  Those were my feelings.

I stopped by a purikura booth with my uniform to take pictures, immediately my teacher exposed me (laughs)
Natsuki was in god’s embrace…
My bottomless house was nearby, and I returned at the same time with greed.
I think I always was envious of this slim, tender body.

For the first time, Natsuki was frank with her friend about her dreams.

“I really want to be a performer and go to an audition.  Right now, Akihabara48 (at that time) gave me paperwork that said I passed”

The next day, Natsuki saw Chihiro with a different set of eyes and her mind relaxed.  Was it in my imagination?
Did I really think up Chihiro?

At that time, I carried AKB on my shoulders, “I carry Nacchi’s dream.  I grant it perfectly.  My dream has been granted”  I thought about Chihiro.
It was really great, and it was always together with my studying and the thought of
Becoming a university student

The whole time I went to university, I heard rumors and I was preached to.

Your parents are paying for this with their money.
What university do you go to
What friends on the outside do you have
Do you put forth all of your energy
I’m sorry
Is all what I thought


At school, an exchange student was chosen, at the end of August, they could study abroad.

It was my dream to go with Chihiro.
It had nothing to do with it ^^ but it was perfect.  My chest swelled to go

And at last


This person was amazing.
A crybaby
Fragments of whispers
Came out in just a moment.

Ordinarily, I though she was a great friend, She appeared like a super gal, so it appeared like it was an easy misunderstaning.  But I held onto the results of the top of class… The reality was that we’d meet by chance.

In my time with AKB, I was able to cry.
For the first time, Marina, depression, ah, and Natsuki could enjoy ourselves in Ginza at an all-you-can-eat place
And some time ago, Marina stumbled through Ginza, and cried when she saw that place.

Things like that
Make me feel warm.

Opening up makes me cry… (laughs)
But it’s happy!

Until now, I’ve passed every day with four people

If I were able to do it, it’d be a dark and gloomy drama.  Of course, it’d be a while after this.

What kind of fights were had

I became an AKB member
I spoke my mind that morning

That first time was harsh…

But having that bad experience
I must persist forward

Now I’m in AKB

“Now is the first hard time” How I thought this many times.
That’s how AKB is.
I’m a human being,
So it’s a simple reasoon.
I was in a tough situation, and sneaking out of it wouldn’t work.

But now, seperately,
It’d be a perfect time to slip away ^^

But to change the subject,


Should I thank my friends for my existance?

E-mails and telephone calls
Are natural, but
I like laughing together and crying together
I like giving advice, and getting mad at someone…

My blood is tied together with these people, and yet they are so much like my family

Today, my mind

Always murmers

Thank you!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and the elderly people’s day
There are many holidays

Friend Day

I want to make it happen (*^ω^*)

I think about that sort of thing every day (*^ω^*)

Is everyone doing okay?


Keeps on running after her dream every day ^^



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