N Blog (100807 13:59) – ‘Questions’

So (*ονο*)

Good day (●・ωヽ) Oh, (*^ω^*) It’s Nacchi time (*ノωノ)

How is everyone??
Today, I’ll be answering everyone’s questions (☆>∀<)

Q What are your impressions of college?

It’s a circle (laughs)

When I was at the school enterance ceremony, I picked up a scattered leaflet that said that (laughs)

Q What did you learn in Team K that you use in Team B??

In Team K, there were girls younger than me and older than me.  And we had the leadership of Sayaka, so the Team was very nice.  Now I have Yukirin as my captain, and I’m the eldest on the Team.  I want to support my captain (●・ωヽ)

Q What do you think of Shikoku?

I really want to go (●・ωヽ) I want to eat oranges… Oh, and orange juice (laughs)

Q Which member did you first exchange numbers with?

With Team K, we traded numbers at once, and I’m not sure who I exchanged with first, but it may have been Sae-chan (●・ωヽ) Or perhaps it was Imai Yuu-chan (●・ωヽ)

Q Please tell us what kind of clothes you like men in (●・ωヽ)

A style is valuable if it fits the person!
Garmets are especially important, (*^ω^*) but what is the system you use? It’s fun to decide (*ノωノ)

T-shirts and jeans during the day
A shirt with a vest and glasses looks nice

Dated, but nice (laughs)

I like various styles (*ノωノ)

I like choosing clothes for people.  We should shop together

Q What’s your favorite motto?

Utilization is systematic


Q What are you interested in being the announcer for?

Just to be one (*ノωノ)  I love talking (☆>∀<) But for politics or sports… Why are their so many things to study? I’m now doing Korean and English (laughs)

Q How has college been?

It’s kind of like high school.  School is about studying and getting a degree.  Chihiro and Marina have come to understand this the same way.  Everyone’s a college student in their own time.  Each school is thought about differently, and I understand and like the ‘circle.’  I will keep going (*ノωノ)

Q What line is your favorite?

Most recently I’ve been riding the Hanzo line since the Yuracucha line is cut (*ノωノ)

I came on the Hibiya line!!!! On JR’s Chou line (*ノωノ)

I like the tobu lines and at times I like to get on and eat gyoza (laughs)

Q What is it like to talk to Yuka?

Yuka and I probably have the best conversations and we communicate well with others (laughs).  She speaks her own character, but I treasure it.  It’s strange (●・ωヽ)

I talk to Yuka about things like Energy, something she’s good at (●・ωヽ)

Ah, we talk during performances, Teams, and meals (*ノωノ)

Q What’s your favorite pattern?

Polka dots, leopard print, florals… Anything (*ノωノ)

Q What are your thoughts on going out for Q-sama and makng friends with co-stars?

I think it’s difficult, but fun (*ノωノ)

I made friends with Kimura Miki-chan (*ノωノ) She went to a concert (*^ω^*)

Q What do you think of games?

I love them (*ノωノ)

At home, I have a SNES (*ノωノ) The Mario series, Bomberman, Iron Peach, Super Kirby, etc.  I like whatever I play (laughs)

I lost my DS and PSP softwear… It’s hard (laughs)

Q Any AKB memories?

Too many to say, but I enjoy every days’ memories (*ノωノ)

Q What artists do you like?
Miley Cyrus
Lady Gaga
Justin Beaver
Justin Timberlake
Taylor Swift
Big Bang
Super Nova
4 Minutes
… Too many to write (laughs) There are still a lot more (laughs)

Britney Spears
Michael Jackson
Kato Miriya
Themla Aoyama
Shimizu Shota
Shoko Nakagawa

I wonder (*ノωノ) if there are too many (laughs)
Most recently I’ve been singing Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ (*ノωノ) English music is easy to get stuck in my head (*ノωノ)

I love K-Pop (*ノωノ)

Q Do you read manga?

I read manga (*ノωノ) I like anything, regardless of when it was made (●・ωヽ)

That was today (●・ωヽ)
My stomach is hungry (N´∀`)/`  I’m worried by what I’ll eat (*ノωノ)

Everyone, what will you eat?? o(^-^o)(o^-^)o

@ N-san



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