N Blog (100817 01:40) – ‘Yes? or No?’

Thank you

Today we had a Team B performance  (*^ω^*)

Ah… I forgot to take a photo… It was good, though (´-ω-`) Yesterday I sweat a lot… I’m sorry for sweating

Yesterday at the event I took a picture with Aamin ..(〃ノω’)σ

Aamin is kind of like a younger sister (*ノωノ)

I did up my hair again for the performance

I had a game to decide what to do with it  (*ノωノ)

Today is a leisurely summer day: yes or no? (*ノωノ)


Am having a BBQ!!!!! I’ll grill everything, and I accidentally bought paper plates twice

Yes or no?

I’m listening (*ノωノ)

Please tell me your response!!!!!

Although it’s just a family thing, so I don’t need to worry about my effort too much, I’m scared ^^;

Some time ago in my blog I put up my bangs…

Do I do that a lot? (*^ω^*) It’s surprising (*ノωノ)

Well then,
I can see all of my bangs now  ..(〃ノω’)σ

But I have a big forehead (´-ω-`) I’m embarrassed… (laughs)

Hmm… I have to go (*^ω^*)

And the picture is a rare one of me (←I’m fickle about it (laughs) It’s been a favorite for a while… in a mirror (*ノωノ)

It’s an HbG mirror (*ノωノ)
I use it in the morning
But it’s a little worn-out
This mirror is kind of lacking… …(*^ω^*)

For a girl… How many mirrors is not enough?

It’s overwhelming ..(〃ノω’)σ

… Sorry (laughs)
I’m off topic (laughs)

Yesterday at midnight,

I suddenly rearranged everything

For whatever reason ..(〃ノω’)σ

I removed my personal computer, my LAN cable: I removed it, but I had troubles removing my internet cord because it was twisted and pretty firm (laughs)

Should I call the manufacturer?? (´;ω;`)

@ N-san



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