N Blog (100817 21:35) – ‘Personal Computer’

Everyone, (´;ω;`)
Thanks for all of your advice (*ノωノ)

First of all, today is the day that I unwound the whole cord… I put it in the electrical outlet in my living room.

I’m connected to the internet (*ノωノ) It’s good…

But it’s broken (laughs)

Can I change my messages on my personal computer??

It’s difficult

Ah (N´∀`)/` That reminds me

Does everyone know about those white pancakes filled with jam?

Recently for my fasion…(lll>Å<)・゜・

Natsuki has started eating them

Aren’t they delicious??

They’re definitely on my mind (*^ω^*)

Today I have work related to the stage play IMAGINE9.11 (*ノωノ)

I’ll work hard (*^ω^*)

Just a minute

I’ve received a recording of a drama (☆>∀<)

@ N-san



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